A single website for your event

...your event page in less than a minute

Share your link with the world

...let fans recommend your event

Receive direct commitments

...your guests snatch away the tickets

Nexus 5 Feature
Nexus 5 Feature

One Website per event

Communicate facts about your event directly with your landingpage. Reach your guests regional with our app broadcast. Receive direct commitments from the shared event link. Push [ Public ] to promote your idea, location and start time.

  • Your event is immediately accessible
  • Share your event shortlink
  • Reach more guest

Reach friends without app

Arrange meetups with your friends. Push [ Private ] to propose your idea, place and date. Send your invitation with the event link. Decide for proposals via App-Voting, results are instantly online.

  • One invitation for all
  • Meet friends of friends
  • Everyone stays up to date
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